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Not everybody knows how to work my body

knows how to make me want it

boy you stay up on it..

…my alarm by Rihanna. Actually, no. it’s by Caggie singing Rihanna which I recorded off the TV (What. A. Goomba!) from that the ever first Made in Chelsea episode where we all warmed to Caggie. Note to self. Must change bloody alarm!!

My outfit for work today I am wearing a dark navy blue dress. To some, EVERYONE (probably colour blind) say black. This is the dress I usually wear when I decide to go to the gym on my lunch that day. Easy off, easy on… thin and revealing enough for cooling down, but not too revealing so it covers my private bits, yay! I say usually but today I have decided not to go to the gym, it is meant to reach 27 degrees Celsius, do you know how hot that is for England? It’s hot and not even this revealing not so revealing dress will save me!!