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Happy Love day! No I just made that up!!! Well it should be as I am wearing a pair of Fornarina suede heart front court shoes!! These are super cute!!! Worn a few times at weddings, a few times dressed down with dark skinny jeans and now for the office with pencil skirt and shirt! I did get these a few years ago so they are now discontinued, but you can most probably find a pair on eBay! No way am I selling mine!

What is this hell of a big chandelier thing on my finger?!?!?!! Haha I remember buying this from Harrods many Easters ago, Swarovski crystal heart ring.. In fact I think it is actually suppose to their trademark swan curled up?! Whatever!

And finally here is me.. a miserable attempt to curl my hair hahaha!

Love and peace suckers 😉