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Speechless!! Still can not believe we got to see Eminem!! WTH!! He was here!!! AT V!!! EMINEM!!!! Although he did keep shouting LONDON!! Who cares!!!!!! HAHA!!! He was there on stage joined by his homies D12, Royce da 5’9″ and of course RIHANNA, amazing!!! ★Just gona stand there and watch me burn★ Amazing, did make me cry a little bit, first ever time at a concert!!

Heart top and tan zip leather skirt both H&M. Hair up, no pee is soaking this hair and then whooshing on my face today, thanks!!!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Rewinding 12 hours earlier…

Sunday morning at camp the drinking games had officially began, mission: DRINK ALL THE MOTHER FOOKING DRINKS!!! The drinking games nicknames were also flying about:

★Caeser★ Mike, actually is Caesar in disguise
★Let’s Go surfing★ Lukey wearing his vest for the second day running, wowza!
★Bubbles★ Shauny looking like a plastic bubble bath man
★Kumquat★ DC.. no idea why he is named after a fruit, don’t want to know why!
★Skin graft★ Callum.. let’s move on shall we..
★Bond Villain★ Marc, because he looks scary ??
★Can’t even remember, too drunk to remember that shiz★ Ropehead.. actually can’t remember his own nickname!! No one knows!!
…and me, ★Brown Snake★ because I was wearing a brown skirt!!? haha!

Thanks guys and dolls for one amazing weekend!! 🙂