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AY CARAMBA, I feel like Miami Vice with my rolled up blazer sleeves thing going on.

..AY CARAMBA, I need new glasses!!!! How OLD are these? Well I can tell you, they are older than Jesus himself! I need to get with the times!!!! Roxy frames with [missing] diamantes just are not cool anymore(!) Which one shall I go for…?

A pair of Rapist glasses (apparently geek chic – by Gucci 2011)

Or some.. Tinnie Tempah glasses… (hmm these look a little bit rapey too)

Or these worn by Grace Woodward a London based creative and stylist!!! She looks fricken amazing!! These are the one!!! What are they?! …no one knows, not even the Internet?!! I resorted to calling Woodward’s PR instead and… I am still waiting for a call back!! (hours later) She called back (yay!) and they are from “Retro Super Future” Kanye West, Nicole Richies are fans of this brand too!