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My favourite month is finally here, greeted with gorgeous sunshine and thank you to my friends for the ★birthday month★ wishes!! Always makes me chuckle, my birthday is not for 30 days people!! Hehe 🙂

Not only it’s my birthday month (also MOON CAKE DAY on the 12th) but there is always something new and fresh when September arrives. Maybe beause September is the start of a new school year and I would get the most excited about having new shoes, uniform, bag and stationary. I am not at school, just to clarify.. that was 10 years ago!! (How the feeling of memories stays with you, freaky!)

I am at work wearing Topshop high waisted trousers with the Reiss top! Jewellery are an elephant chain by Republic and this camel coloured leather woven chunky bracelet is from Reiss! (nothing new here lol)