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So Fright Night in 3D last night was pretty good. My favourite part was the chasing scene.. seriously you felt like you are ACTUALLY IN THE CAR with the family! (intentional, unintentional.. who cares it was awesome) It felt like I was at Universal Orlando all over again on a “scary” car ride getting chased by a “scary” Colin Farrell vampire lookalike down a dusty Vegas highway. All that was missing was the 4Dness, the heat of the flames and the water sprays for the blood! hahaha! PLEASE MAKE IT A RIDE UNIVERSAL!

Let’s face it.. Autumn is here today and I am cosying up in my H&M jumper over a silky lace dress from TOPSHOP! And still tightless.. sorry weather I am just not ready for them yet!

Wowzer.. photoshoot much?! LOL