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Wooo happy mid-autumn festival everyone. Yes I know it was officially yesterday, but I was not at home. Tonight dad is home cooking dinner and mooncakes to follow… what is mid-autumn festival and what are MOONCAKES? Click here to find out the yummy details.. also note Mooncakes are not to be confused with moon pie! From this encyclopedia I quote “Mooncakes are usually eaten in small wedges accompanied by chinese tea” <— yes for a normal person. I am not a normal person however I can consume the whole thing and not be sick.

I am wearing a rather summery playsuit from Topshop, I think, I know..  I feel like a vase!! But its so pretty and Summer is over and I really do need to pack it away! Pack it away from winter eyes!! And…. I really need to wear a cardigan.. brr.. the cardigan in the third picture is from the mens section of Urban Outfitters made by Charles and 1/2.. and therefore it is not really mine.. sorry Luke yes I still have it! 🙂

Ok.. back to mooncakes.. (IM HUNGRY, sorry nothing really to do with fashion, please don’t shoot me)

..You can get the classic (standard, quite ugly) lotus seed paste ones..

Pretty ones..

Starbucks ones!!!!!

Blowup ones..???? What is the point.. I can’t eat this!!! 😦

And the most cutest one of them all….. mooncake pig ones!