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Chilling in my (imposter) Missoni, darhling!!

Being one of my favourite designers in the world… and when I don’t earn enough to buy such luxuries… you can imagine my excitement when I came across this dress in Urban Vintage. I did have to check and double check the label just to make sure! ..No it’s not Missoni, but sure looks it and it was mine for £40!

Enough of my pretend Missoni dress, lets drool through the Missoni years…

2009★ Spring

2010★ they’re sitting on my dress!!

2011★ Spring

2012Spring Summer -Excited to see celebrities rocking these outfits probably mid winter because they are crazy and want to be “ahead of fashion” just to make the rest of us in S.A.D (season affective disorder) season even more sad! As for the High Street.. make note! 😉